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Terms & Conditions

NOELBAZAAR.PH TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USERS, an internet-based marketplace, is owned, managed and maintained by Cut Virtual Solutions, Inc., a corporation duly existing and registered under the laws of the Philippines, with address at Unit 18/C The Midland Suites, 151 Panay Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City.

To access this website, the registered user must be at least 18 years of age, otherwise, the user must have obtained consent from parents or legal guardian, who shall accept these terms of use and agree to take full responsibility for actions and any charges associated with the use of this website and its purchase.

A natural person may only have one account in the

All registered users' information processed in this website shall be in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By accessing and registering an account, you consent to the collection of personal information for the purpose indicated. You agree to comply with its policies and you warrant that all data you provide are true and accurate. reserves the right to modify, change, discontinue the terms, conditions and policies at any time without posting notices online. The users of this website are highly recommended to view regularly the information posted. The continued use of the website represents your acceptance to its present and amended terms. Any user who may disagree with the website's terms, conditions, and policies may terminate his or her account.


To place an order, user must register and create a account. In creating the account, the user is required to give his or her personal information such as name, age, email address, mobile number, and complete shipping address, as these are essential to completing transactions in the marketplace. User must keep his or her account updated, true, and accurate to ensure the delivery of services in the website.

To access his or her account, user must provide a username and password. The user shall ensure that his or her account is protected from unauthorized access. Unless reported by user, purchases through user's account shall be presumed to have been made by the user. All orders that will be placed under your account are your sole responsibility at all times.

By creating an account, user likewise warrants that he or she has read and understood the Marketplace Standards. User understands that he or she is now part of a community that observes respectful and responsible behavior to each person. User also understands that the Marketplace Standards apply even in the absence of state legislation prohibiting certain practice and behavior. shall immediately suspend or terminate any user account containing posts with racial or ethnic slurs, obscenities, sexually explicit material, inflammatory or derogatory comments, or any other content that is counter to good social conduct as determined by

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS, ORDER PLACEMENT AND PAYMENT TERMS tries to ensure that all information posted on the website pertaining to the listed products and services are true and accurate. However, information on products are posted by the merchants. Users are highly encouraged to point out errors, inaccuracies, misrepresentation, misinformation, and other falsities in the merchant's posts. is not the merchant of record for any purchases from the online marketplace. User understands that is not an agent of the Merchant in the marketplace. does not have any liability with respect to purchases in the marketplace as indicated in the Marketplace Standards.

User understands that Merchants in the marketplace may also participate in other online marketplaces and may offer sales promotions in such marketplaces and not made available in the marketplace. Conversely, user understands that sale promotions in may not be offered by the same merchants in other online marketplaces.

While we cannot warrant that the product pricing is always right, we try to ensure that the pricing is accurate. As such, in cases when we need to the product pricing once your order has been placed, at our discretion, we may cancel your order. If payment has been made through our online payment system, we will ensure that payment you made shall be fully refunded.

Once order is placed, you shall receive an order confirmation through email, together with reference number and product details. At our sole discretion, we may not accept an order placed for any valid reason such as unavailability of the product or price rectification. Upon receipt of order confirmation, you shall be obliged to pay the amount specified in full through our designated payment system provider or cash upon delivery of goods. In some cases with select merchants, it is our sole discretion not to offer a certain form of payment.

  1. Certain goods offered by merchants in the website are restricted for sale only to persons above 18 years of age.
  2. When purchasing restricted goods, the user shall be asked to present a valid ID.
  3. reserves the right, but not obligated, to limit sales of goods to any user, as may be imposed by the government/law.
  1. Promotional codes or vouchers may only be redeemed once within the validity period.
  2. A separate set of terms and conditions may apply for the use of a promotional code or Voucher.
  3. Promotional codes or vouchers may not be exchanged for cash.
SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF ACCOUNT reserves the right to suspend, delete, or terminate the user account if it observes any unusual activity in the account. Unusual activity, in this regard, shall refer to posts which violate the marketplace standards or those that are not consistent with the purposes of the account. shall notify the user prior to suspension, deletion, or termination of the account and the reason for such suspension, deletion, or termination. Unusual activity shall also refer to non-use of the account for a period of three (3) years.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, as far as practicable, weeds out products posted for sale which are in violation of intellectual property rights., however, does not guarantee that all items posted for sale are genuine. User is encouraged to report to any violations of intellectual property rights on the website.

User also understands that content on the website are subject to copyright and trademark laws. User shall not obtain content from the website for his or her use without the prior consent of the copyright or trademark owners.

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